Why Write?

Writing with the intention of sharing your words with others is an awkward, anxious feeling. I consider myself more of a private person, however as I grow older I can not help, but feel the need to express myself through writing and photography. So here I am writing, creating, and sharing.


20160517_195548Why Blog? Why write?
I have chosen to write because I believe in the power of writing. When we write we release thoughts & emotions.   Emile Zola’s words”I came into this world to live out loud” have always resonated with me. We all have a story (our life) that have many mini-stories that are more endearing, more enduring and more important than we know. Your story and my story is more than what we give it credit to be.

Creativity: I also believe we all need a creative outlet. We need to feel inspired. So I am combining my joy of photography with writing; to release, to feel, to be and to create.

Last thoughts: Me/We: The shortest poem by Muhammad Ali in “When We Were Kings”

As stated by Louis Doré  in “When We Were Kings”: One version expresses a sense of community, and of appreciation for support and togetherness.The other expresses a freewheeling sense of ego, of enjoyment for one’s achievement and abilities and of thanks for the opportunity of existence.

So I encourage you to start writing or sharing in some way through your creativity. Get your thoughts and emotions out of you and share. We simply never know when our own personal story or perspective will help another. The Me, then becomes the We, and vice versa. And in just a moment our lives maybe a bit brighter, a bit better by sharing, by creating.


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